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Beach Waves

Are you looking to add a bit more wave in your life? Or are you simply looking for the best products to care for your wavy hair? You've come to the right place. We have a range of Aussie products and hair hacks ready for you whether you're looking to re-create the beach waves look you get after a dip in the ocean (even if there is no beach in sight), or if you want to know the best way to get soft and flowy waves with natural shine and definition.

How To Care For Curly Hair

Sometimes, curly hair is mighty work. Frizzy conditions can be a real worry and the simple idea of brushing could make waves go wild. So, how do you tame the mane? We’ve got some curly hair care tips that’ll put a smile on your dial. Who run the world? Curls!

How To Care For Wavy Hair

If you’re blessed with naturally wavy hair and want to give it the extra care it deserves, you’ve come to the right place. These wavy hair tips will have you beach ready in no time.

How To Get Beach Hair

Want beach hair with no beach in sight? No worries! This quick and easy guide will have people thinking the surf was up.

How To Get Wavy Hair

Want wavy hair that lasts? If you’re not sure how to create wavy hair that’ll stay that way from morning through to night, we’ve got a few Australian A-beauty secrets that could help.

How To Style Wavy Hair

Whether you’re craving beach waves or you want to maintain a natural curl, here are a few wavy hair styling tips that’ll manoeuvre you through everything from humidity to the challenge of making those waves last.

Best conditioners for wavy hair

Looking for a light-weight wavy hair conditioner that’ll leave you with more bounce than a baby kangaroo? Look no further…

Transform your curly hair from frizzy to fabulous

The vision – gorgeous, beachy curls full of bounce and life (ahh, the dream). The reality – waking up and your hair looking a little more lion’s mane than smooth and tame. That frizzy, just-strolled-through-a-hedge-backwards vibe just isn’t working out.

Hair masks for curly hair

Curls in need of some serious care? Get the low down on hair masks for curly hair that'll have them back to their bouncy, shiny best in no time!

How to: Beach waves with curling iron

Undone, beachy waves are the epitome of summer hair, textured from sea salt and illuminated by the sun. You know it: the post-swim, gorgeously and effortlessly tousled hair that says beach babe without even trying. Dreamy.

How to get wavy hair without heat

Beach waves without the heat? You don’t need to take to hair with a curling iron to get the look you’re after. And don’t worry if there’s no beach in sight…