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Why is my hair so frizzy?


If you ever ask yourself why is my hair so frizzy? You aren’t alone. From protecting your colour to maintaining moisture and greasy roots, one of the most frustrating dilemmas many of us face is frizz. We all have it as no one is immune to damage or a change in humidity.

The vision – gorgeous, beachy curls full of bounce and life (ahh, the dream). The reality – waking up and your hair looking a little more lion’s mane than smooth and tame. That frizzy, just-strolled-through-a-hedge-backwards vibe just isn’t working out.

So, what do you do? Well of course, you furiously straighten it, blow dry it, practically staple it to your head (ok, we exaggerate, but you feel us right?). In all these attempts to tame the beast with heat, it simply becomes even more brittle and breakable. What a vicious cycle, eh?

How to fix frizzy curly hair

Curly hair has a mind of its own. One day you have perfectly defined corkscrews the next, you wake up and you're followed around by a halo of frizz thanks to its propensity for dryness. Despite the fact those with curly hair may be more prone to it, every hair type is susceptible to the fuzz. Yup, no matter how straight or thin your hair is, we’re all in this battle to fix frizzy hair together. The fight is on, and armed with the right products and know how, you can ensure your smooth strands win each and every time.

But to all those girls with curls, we have anti-frizz products for you. Curly and kinky hair textures tend to be naturally dry and crave moisture so counter the damage caused by the elements with regular deep hydration treatments. Transform hair from frizzy to fabulous (it suits you so much more) with Aussie’s Calm the Frizz range, which includes our 3 Minute Miracle edition. It deep-conditions your hair in just three minutes - or the length of one sing-like-you-mean-it karaoke shower song.
It also contains Australian botanicals like Australian Hemp Seed Extract, well-known for its restoring qualities and many other benefits. Watch out, your mane will be purring like a kitty!

Fix frizzy hair: get the basics right

Lions may like Sahara-like temperatures and arid air, but your hair doesn’t.

How to fix dry frizzy hair? Use a moisturising shampoo and conditioner that will help keep your hair stay healthy, protecting it from sun, chlorine, and salt water in the summer, and central heating, changes in temperature and rain in the winter. Each takes its toll on your locks by drying them out, and no matter what your hair type, dry hair frizzes.

Curly and coarse hair types can go a bit longer between shampoos (lucky you) as they have less of a tendency to grease up and can always do with more of the scalp’s naturally occurring oils. Fix frizzy hair by always opting for the kindest shampoo you can in order to protect and prolong both colour and treatments, without damaging delicate hair. Shampooing no more than twice a week, with a creamy moisturising formula like Aussie Calm The Frizz Shampoo will tame unruly hair, making your mane noticeably lustrous and smooth. Packed with gamma-linoleic acid, Australian Hemp Seed Extract is the wonder oil said to improve the condition of hair and contribute to keratin formation for stronger and healthier strands. Combined with Aussie’s deeply nourishing and restorative formula, it’ll help fix frizzy hair in an instant.

It’s vital to take care when your hair is wet as this is when it’s most susceptible to damage. When soaked, each strand stretches up to one-third of its length and is easily broken, so rough drying and careless tugging can chip away at the hair cuticle, creating tangles and friction causing frizz, split ends and visibly broken hairs. So, if you are using a towel, gently pat and squeeze the water out rather than rubbing hair up and down.



Hair needing some chill? Don’t let frizz get you frazzled.

Our Aussie Calm the Frizz Shampoo is the bizz for fighting frizz and will nourish and smooth the most frazzled curly hair. The cruelty-free formula is infused with Australian Hemp Seed Extract and it smells a-mazing (woo hoo!).

Give your hair some chill with this nourishing shampoo - your hair will thank you!



With curly hair try not to touch it when drying as the moment your fingers get busy is when it goes frizzy. Why does hair frizz? The likelihood is that your drying regime may be fighting for Team Frizz. Get it back on side by simply tipping your head upside down and letting your wavy tendrils fall into the diffuser attachment on your hairdryer. If you are smoothing out curls, have waves or are after a straighter style when blow-drying, point the nozzle on your hairdryer downwards and let gravity help you. This concentrates the airflow downwards and flattens the hair cuticle, helping to smooth the hair, also reducing the risk of burning your hair. That singed sound and scorched smell? Not *ever* a good thing.

As part of the frizz-free drying technique comes styling and the ultimate styling product for curly haired types is the most underrated of them all; Mousse. It’s always got a bad rap for being drying, but the newest generation of innovative formulations give each and every curl definition, and an effortless free flowing style without that old-school ‘crunch’. Aussie Turn Up The Curl Mousse contains Wild Cherry Bark Extract that boasts antioxidant power that protects against hair-ravaging environmental aggressors, such as pollution and UV rays.



Our styling mousse for curly hair with Wild Cherry Bark extract will leave your hair smelling of Summer (so an outback campfire favourite).



In addition to masking, using a supercharged leave-in conditioner will not only keep hair healthy, but also help curls cope with any dampness in the air. Our fave is Aussie Dual Personality Anti Frizz Conditioning Milk. Just like green plant shoots reaching up towards sunshine, frizz emerges when it’s seeking out moisture in the air, so combating it means adding moisture and sealing it with a hydrating spray.

If you pull up your weather app in the morning and the humidity index freaks you out, the first thing to do is reach for a curl protector. Aussie Work That Curl Serum locks in hydration and defines texture, sealing in your style all day.

Follow up with a generous mist of anti-humidity spray over your finished style. We love Aussie SOS Humidity Shield Leave On Spray as its super lightweight, acting like an invisible shield of armour to protect that hard-won sleekness. Simply spritz and go, and you won’t have to think about it again until you look in the mirror hours later at your perfectly in-place strands.

“How to fix frizzy hair?” girl, you got this.

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