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Silver shampoo vs purple shampoo


Blondes and brass – the two go hand-in-hand without proper haircare. But luckily, we’re blessed with a solution – shampoo for blonde hair. It’s what’s likely lead you here! When searching for shampoo for blonde hair, two things can come up: purple shampoo and silver shampoo. So, what’s the difference? Keep scrolling Aussie wanderers for the silver shampoo vs purple shampoo answers you seek and a better grasp on which one’s right for you and your locks!


What is silver shampoo and how is it different from purple shampoo? Both silver and purple shampoo are designed to neutralise yellow and brassy tones in blonde, silver and grey hair. If you’ve used either one, you’ll have noticed that bright purple hue when you pop the lid and squeeze. Silver shampoo and purple shampoo use purple pigment to lighten and brighten. Think back to those high-school art classes and the colour wheel. Purple’s the opposite end of the colour spectrum to yellow, so when the two meet they neutralise.

If you’re looking for a shampoo for blonde hair, grey locks in need of a toner or a purple shampoo for silver hair, try Aussie’s Blonde Hydration Purple Shampoo. Designed to kick brass in blonde, grey and silver hair, the anti-yellowing agents counteract brass, while deeply nourishing tresses. The end results? Brass-free, cool colour to envy!

Aussie Sos Blonde Hydration Purple Shampoo


Blonde hair SOS? Don't panic, we’re throwing you an Aussie lifeline.

This kick (br)ass purple shampoo neutralises brassy, yellow tones to leave blonde hair boosted, hydrated and bright!

Blonde Hydration Purple Shampoo


Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the blonde scene, brass is the one thing you want to avoid. Brassy hair can be caused by a number of things in our daily lives. From too much sun to hard water to chlorinated water can turn your hair brassy. That’s because blonde and grey hair are particularly porous and the colour changes due to it absorbing chemicals or pollution in the air or water. Over time our hair absorbs this from our atmosphere and turns our hair yellowish which is the brassy colour we see.

If your hair isn’t naturally blonde or grey, you may also have warm undertones which works against the toner your hairdresser carefully applied. Once the toner wears off, you’re left struggling with a brassy mess. And if your hairdresser bleached your hair to get that luxurious blonde colour then your hair may also be dry. So, in addition to your purple shampoo, make sure your haircare arsenal’s well stocked with a specially formulated conditioner like Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Blonde Deep Treatment. A moisture-rich treatment can help colour hold, give hair shine and reduce damage and breakage. Win, win, win!

Aussie SOS 3 MINUTE MIRACLE Blonde Deep Treatment


Blonde hair SOS? Don't panic, we’re throwing you an Aussie lifeline.

This miraculous deep treatment will give your blonde hair - whether it's short, long, strawberry, ash or platinum - a powerful shot of moisture and nourishment when it is most in need.



There are a couple of ways to keep your blonde more vibrant. Below are five ways to do just that.

1. Use a shampoo for blonde hair at least once a week!
Lather up with Aussie Blonde Hydration Purple Shampoo and then moisturise and help protect strands against damage with Aussie Blonde Hydration Conditioner. The purple shampoo and conditioner will help neutralize the brassy tones and help hold your hair’s intended colour. You should see the effects of purple shampoo after the first wash. Make sure you cover each strand of your hair equally for even results. Leave the purple shampoo in your hair to work its magic. How long you leave it on is up to you! Try for a minute first to see how your hair reacts. You can always leave it on longer the next time you are shampooing. While the label says blonde hydration, this little gem is tailored to work as effectively on all light shades from blonde to silver and grey. So, if you’re hunting for a purple shampoo for silver hair, this is the one!

2. Avoid the sun and chemically treated water
Shampoo for blonde hair isn’t the only way to protect those beautiful blondes from turning brassy. The sun and pool water can be a doozy for blonde hair. No wonder professional swimmers use pool caps! Chlorine, which is normally found in pool water, can cause hair to dry and become damaged which is a welcome mat for brassy hair colour. Avoiding the pool and putting on a cute wide brim hat, can help keep your blonde, blonde and grey, grey without the brassiness.

3. Shower filters can help on a daily basis
If you find yourself living in a place with very hard water, look into investing in a shower filter. Shower filters decrease mineral deposits which helps your hair stay brighter for longer.

4. Keep your hair from damage
Damage due to styling tools and dryness due to hard water can also affect your colour. Keeping your hair moisturized will help your colour stay brighter. After you pop out of the shower, towel your hair dry and spritz it with Aussie Blonde Hair Hydration Conditioning Spray and let hair dry naturally. Add a little Aussie Blonde Hydration Lightweight Oil to the ends to keep your added moisture and shine!

5. Make deep conditioner your best mate!
For those with bleached blonde locks, a deep conditioning treatment can be your best friend. Deep conditioning treatments help your hair by giving it an intense shot of moisture and keep your hair nourished and smooth. Even better, a deep conditioning treatment that’s formulated for blondes can give you the nourishment your hair needs while keeping your colour bright and vibrant! Even if you only have a couple of minutes to spare, you can keep your hair hydrated by using a deep conditioning treatment like Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Blonde Deep Treatment. After you’ve shampooed, smooth a generous squidge of this hydrating treatment through wet hair, leave on for up to 3 minutes and rinse! Voila!

So, there you have it… the lowdown on purple shampoo for silver hair and every light shade in between, from grey to white and dazzling blonde. Ready for more blonde hair tips? We’ve got you covered!


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