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Hair masks for frizzy hair


Frizzy hair peskier than a bunch of bush flies in the Aussie outback? If dry, unruly hair has you looking for a quick solution, you’re heading in the right direction. The good news is, you don’t have to wear a cork hat!

Whether you have straight hair or crave-worthy curls, frizz knows no boundaries when it comes to hair type. The common denominator, you’ll find, is the condition of hair. Curls become undefined and unmanageable, while straight hair expands so far outward you need to reconsider your spatial awareness when walking through doorways. It all happens to hair that’s lacking moisture. Dry, damaged hair’s more susceptible to frizz because hair’s gasping for moisture found in the air around it. That’s why it’s worse in humid conditions when there’s more moisture in the air.

The solution, you might have guessed, is hydration. And plenty of it! So, if your hair’s dryer than the desert land in central Australia, consider this your oasis. Read on, Aussie adventurers, for your frizz fix… h-AAAA-lelujah!



Frizzy hair that needs to chill? A big squeeze of Aussie 3 Minute Miracle is the ultimate treat to calm the frizz and soothe the most frazzled hair, leaving it silky soft for up to 3 days*. The vegan and cruelty-free formula is infused with Australian Hemp Seed Extract, and leaves hair smelling divine. Fabulous. Multi-use formula: use it as a daily deep conditioner, a speedy hair repair treatment when your locks need a (3-minute) quickie, or leave in for longer as an intensive hair mask (for extra TLC). If that ain’t a miracle, we don’t know what is!



If your reflection has you like… STEWTH!... it’s time to regain control of those locks and say hooroo to frizz. And, knowing why it happens is the first step.

So, what causes hair to frizz? You might have noticed that dry, damaged hair’s more prone to it and there’s a reason for this. Frizz is actually the strand swelling because it’s over-absorbed moisture from the air around it. This happens because of:

Damaged hair’s more prone to frizz because the strand’s outer layer’s already dry and fragile and the cuticle likely lifted. Dryness can be the first sign of damage and when hair’s dry it seeks hydration. That’s why hair’s most likely to frizz in humid conditions where there’s a lot of moisture in the air.

The solution? Make sure your hair’s choc a bloc (that’s Australian for really full) with moisture!



Tame that mane! The Aussie SOS Anti-Frizz Shot is a Deep Conditioning Treatment for dry and frizzy hair. With Australian Caviar Lime, this hair treatment will smooth your locks instantly.



There are loads of frizzy hair hacks out there, but there are a few components key to calming frizz and preventing it. Products with intensely penetrating properties that target the cause of frizz are a must for sealing in moisture for stronger, smoother and shinier hair.

Frizzy hair can be prevented with the right haircare regime. So, if hair masks for frizzy hair aren’t part of your weekly routine, it’s time to swap out that conditioner for one of these babies…



Want to look mega-fab on a daily basis? This Aussie Mighty Mega Shampoo is your daily dose of mega get up and go to keep your hair feeling super soft, shiny, and full of bonza bounce.

The silicone free, vegan, and cruelty-free formula is infused with Australian Blue Mountain Eucalyptus extract, and it smells a-mazing (if that ain’t mega, we don’t know what is!)
Lightweight and gentle enough for daily use, your hair will thank you every morning!



All our hair masks are supercharged with botanical Australian ingredients that have learned to thrive and survive in the arid Aussie outback. The perfect little addition to our already potent deep treatments, made for moisture repair and perfect to help de-frizz that mane. You little ripper!

Here’s what you need:

Wrap your hands around our 3 Minute Miracle Calm the Frizz Deep Treatment Hair Mask infused with Australian Hemp Seed Extract. It’s the low maintenance ingredient that’ll have the same effect on those strands. Hemp needs very little water, space or care to survive and grows without the need for pesticides so it’s incredibly sustainable (hemp, hemp hooray!). And, after you use this A-beauty hair hack, those strands will basically take care of themselves, too!

If you’re really short of time and need your hair’s reeeeallly in need of some TLC, try a daily dose of our SOS Frizz Treatment Shot infused with Australian Caviar Lime (faaaaancy) until those tresses bounce back.

Here’s what to do:

  1. Jump in the shower and cleanse hair using a purifying shampoo like our Mega Shampoo for an everyday clean. This’ll make sure there’s nothing standing in the way of those intensely moisturising ingredients and those troubled tresses. If there’s product build-up or dirt on hair, it acts as a roadblock for all the good nutrients to penetrate the shaft of your hair. So, rub-a-dub-dub, friends! It’s time to lather up.

  2. On clean, damp hair, apply enough of your treatment of choice, whether it’s our 3 Minute Miracle Calm the Frizz Deep Treatment Hair Mask or SOS Frizz Shot, to cover all strands and work through your hair. Focus on the ends where the hair’s older and more susceptible to damage and frizz. The steam of the shower really helps hair absorb the moisture here.

  3. Leave for 3 minutes and wash out! Make sure you rinse thoroughly so as not to leave any product sitting on hair for that super lightweight and refreshingly clean feeling.

Top tip: If your hair’s really feeling the heat and needs hydration, leave the treatment in overnight and cover with a shower cap to let those strands soak in the goodness. Effortless beauty with maximum results… it’s the Australian way! That’s the brilliance of our hair masks and deep treatments, you can transform tresses in as little as 3 minutes, or truly treat yourself with an overnight pamper.

For an everyday moisture boost that’ll help protect strands from frizz, try our 3 Minute Miracle Moisture Deep Treatment Hair Mask infused with Australian Macadamia Nut Oil. The moisture-rich ingredients can help frizzy, straw-like strands feel smooth and look in control. All it takes is 3 minutes and you can bid farewell to our foe, the frizz. Clever, huh?

No matter your hair type – curly, wavy, straight, short or long, our hair masks for frizzy hair are uniquely crafted to target frizz-causing culprits, smoothing cuticles to keep strands hydrated and keep excess moisture out. So, whether it’s a little winter hydration you need or protection from that summer sun, our deeply nourishing formulas will help you be frizz-free and able to enjoy life, all year round. You beauty!

Thirsty for more frizzy hair care tips? Head to our guide on how to get rid of frizzy hair to tame that mane and say hooroo to frizz!



Dry hair in need of some serious TLC? A big squeeze of Aussie 3 Minute Miracle is the ultimate treat to take brittle, dry and damaged hair from lost-cause to luscious in just 3 minutes. Hair is left heroically hydrated and deeply conditioned for up to 3 days* - all while retaining lightweight moisture. The vegan and cruelty-free formula is infused with macadamia nut oil, and leaves hair smelling divine. Multi-use formula: use as a daily deep conditioner, a speedy hair repair treatment when your locks need a (3-minute) quickie, or leave in for longer as an intensive hair mask (for extra TLC). If that ain’t a miracle, we don’t know what is!