Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

A Trip to Glenwood Springs is a Package of Adventure and Excitement

Glenwood Springs is situated in the tapered mountain valleys that start from the merge of Roaring Fork River plus Colorado River. There are many caves nearby which has hot springs due to extreme rise in temperature. Glenwood Springs is a distinctive area which is close to natural beauty. You will not find any roads for vehicles like cars and buses. There are pedestrians for cyclists and extensive trails.

Therefore, local people and tourists join the famous destination for some outdoor recreations. There are many activities that can be enjoyed while staying in this area. Tour of all hot springs, rafting, kayaking, cycling, rock climbing, fishing, caving, horseback riding are few activities that can be enjoyed to the fullest.

Glenwood Springs is an all-season tourist destination. There isn’t any peak or offseason. Thus, booking hotels and activities beforehand should be planned. If you’re planning to stay at Glenwood Springs this season, then stay in an inexpensive hotel, like Affordable Inns. They are situated within the beautiful mountain of Aspen Valley, just a few miles away from Hot Spring pool and Adventure Park.

They provide all kinds of amenities and proper breakfast. The staff is very friendly who will provide your assistance in enjoying all kinds of activities. You trip can become economical if you plan to take a vacation tour package along with your stay. It is a reasonable trip that will include all fun and relaxation.

Here are some exciting things to be done in Glenwood Springs –

  • You can drive towards Glenwood Canyon, and while driving, explore the Hanging Lake, Jess Wheeler and Grizzly Creek.
  • The world’s largest hot spring pool in Glenwood Hot Spring lodge is 405ft long and 100ft wide. It contains the same natural water found in natural hot springs.
  • The longest Glenwood Canyon trail is 14.4 miles. Take a bike on rent or shuttle bus and enjoy the trip while stopping at rest areas and some of the wildlife residents.
  • The friendliest amusement park is the Glenwood Cavern Adventure Park located on Iron Mounts. The park consists of many rides, attractions along with the view of hot springs, rivers and mountain ranges.
  • The Grizzly Creek Trail is best place to walk hand in hand while listening to the sound of water and watching plant life. The best place for serenity which starts from April to November.
  • The Hanging Lake is also an attraction where you cross seven bridges to reach the destination. The walk is entertaining because you view the natural beauty along with two waterfalls.

  • The Storm King Mount Trail is commemorates 14 firefighter who fought to death during the Southern Canyon incident. The trail is close to wildlife therefore, the path will not be easy as there will be steep paths and tough spots.
  • Whitewater rafting is the best experience for enthusiastic people who love sports and activities. You can go for full-day or half-day trip.

Lastly, if you’re in a new city, then it is obvious to enjoy their cuisine. Also, look into the nightlife by buying a drink or beer in a brewpub. If you’re here to relax, then take a day off in spa and relax as much as you want. These few activities will make your vacation the best moment.